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Banks iQ has gone from playing Madden casually to competing at the highest levels in just one year. He credits his stickwork with a lot of his success. Being able to turn a short gain into a big play or even a touchdown can be the difference between winning and losing.


If you're willing to put in the time to learn from Banks iQ's knowledge and experience, you'll be able to make defenders miss with nothing more than the left stick and the right trigger. You can even pull these moves off while running with "Ball Carrier: Conservative" since they don't depend on any skill moves and you'll significantly reduce your risk of fumbling.

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Stickwork 101 Offense

Updated by Banks iQ
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Banks iQ has gone from a casual Madden player to competing at the highest levels of the game in just one year. He credits a lot of that success to the work he put in mastering the stop and go and other left stick open-field mechanics.

In this gameplan, Banks iQ not only teaches you several variants of the popular stop and go, he also shares his signature "swerve" move to make any AI defender miss in the open field. If you put in the work to master the strategies Banks iQ is teaching, any play will now have the potential to get you six points.

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