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Meet Your Pros

  • Zac ZAN Neal

    ZAN has been competing at the highest levels of Madden since 2009. He is widely respected in the competitive community for his innovative strategies and concepts that have helped define the meta every Madden season.

    ZAN is an EA Sports Game Changer and runs one of the top Madden strategy YouTube channels for competitive players. He has previously authored the official Madden strategy guide for Prima Games.

  • Anthony antcap Capparelli

    Antcap has been playing Madden since the early days of the franchise. He has built a reputation for creativity on offense with unique route combinations that always seem to be one step ahead of the meta.

    Antcap is the founder of Smart Madden, a website and YouTube channel both dedicated to Madden strategy. He has been helping Madden players improve their game since 2014.

  • Frank Stiff Sardoni Jr.

    Stiff is the Madden NFL 16 world champion. He defeated several of Madden's best players and ultimately Eric "Problem" Wright in the championship match by a score of 37-21 to take home the title.

    Stiff has been playing competitively since Madden 13 and quickly climbed his way to the top of the competitive Madden world.

  • Reggie Boogz Brown

    Boogz is known in the competitive Madden world for consistently running one of the most potent offenses in the community. He has mastered Gun Bunch and has used it to offensively dominate many of the best players in the world.

    Boogz finished the 2017 MCS season as the 6th ranked player in the world. He has multiple deep runs in MCS live events and several underground tournament wins to his name.

  • Daniel DCroft Mycroft

    DCroft exploded onto the scene in Madden 19 with his unmatched open-field stick skill. He made a deep run in the Madden 19 Seahawks Club Championship and is looking to make his mark on the MCS in Madden 20.

    Late in Madden 19, DCroft dominated Muthead's Friday Night Football with a record 14 consecutive wins, including two championships.

  • Stephen VY Electfify Appelblatt

    If you watched the MCS in Madden 19, you couldn't have missed VY Electrify. He made the live events for the Madden Classic, Madden Challenge, and the Madden Bowl.

    VY Electrify is known for his unique approach to his balanced, undercenter offense. While so many top players run what's popular, VY Electrify has found his own way to win at the highest levels.

  • Mr. Smith

    Mr. Smith is a 31-year veteran of the Madden franchise. In that time, he has made a name for himself for his strategic innovation on both sides of the ball.

    Mr. Smith formerly ran TheMaddenLab and his strategies have helped define competitive Madden's meta over the past decade.

  • Buffalo Kaay

    Buffalo Kaay is one of Madden's top Twitch streamers and has earned the nickname "The Accountant" for his impressive ability to build MUT coin fortunes without spending a dime.

    Buffalo Kaay has joined Playbook.gg to teach our community how to start making smarter decisions when it comes to the MUT market and how to build top-tier teams while saving money.