Bear Redux and 34 Even Defense

Bear Redux and 34 Even Defense

Updated by ZAN & antcap24
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Welcome to the 3-4 Bear "Redux" & 3-4 Even Gameplan on Playbook.GG!

When the Madden 20 season kicked off, we launched "The Bear" defensive gameplan, which was a look at how Bear formations (in particular, 3-4 Bear) stopped the run in Madden. Since that time, the run has still been a major pain point for players. While "The Bear" gameplan was a comprehensive look at how to stop the run, we have decided to put out a "Redux" with some new twists on the 3-4 Bear to allow you to stop the most powerful run plays in Madden 20 with ease; while ALSO mixing in our favorite blitzes + coverage adjustments to keep your opponents guessing at all times!


ON TOP OF THAT, we have ALSO included a full gameplan out of the 3-4 Even formation using tips and tricks that literally NO ONE ELSE in the Madden community is using right now! We believe wholeheartedly, that we have the most confusing coverage schemes in Madden 20 built into this gameplan while also having the ability to bring max protect busting blitzes that require 8 blockers to pick up!

This Defensive Gameplan can be run from:
- Arizona Cardinals

- Baltimore Ravens

- Chicago Bears

- Green Bay Packers

- New York Giants

- New York Jets

- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is the defense you've been waiting for!

Setups for players of ALL skill levels.

Tutorials on shooting gaps vs. the run.

Coverages that are made easy for the casual or the pro-level Madden players to understand.

This is the defensive gameplan OF THE YEAR on Playbook.GG!

Welcome to the 3-4 Bear "Redux" and 34 Even Gameplan.

2h 52m of Video Runtime 27 Play Breakdowns