Coin Making 101 Offense

Coin Making 101 Offense

Updated by Buffalo Kaay
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Buffalo Kaay joins Playbook.GG with his elite coin making tutorials. Welcome to "Coin Making 101"

Watch as he breaks MUT into a SIMPLE science that will take you through 3 primary topics to make you MUT rich! 

- Introductory Coin Making Theory (for those with lower coin counts looking to build)

- Advanced Sniping Filter Theory (to TRULY find those big snipes)

- EA Content Cycle & Market Prediction Theory


Whether you're no-money spent, a player who doesn't have the time to play Weekend League, or are just looking for ways to make coins in your spare time (get that Madden 20 Companion App and use Buffalo Kaay's tips to generate coins on a long car ride!)

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