Gun Y-Trips Offset | RPO Bubble Y Pop

The Single BEST RPO in Madden 20
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RPO Bubble Y Pop
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In this video, we break down the single best RPO in Madden 20 - the Gun Y-Trips Offset "RPO Bubble Y Pop."

With this play, you will be able to read 1, 2, or even 3 "conflict" defenders that must decided whether to step into their run lane to defend the hand off, or defend 1 of 3 routes that you can decide to throw to quickly if the defense keys on the run!



1. Snap the Ball


Get the ball out quickly if you decide to throw the ball. If your offensive line run blocks too far downfield, you risk earning an "Illegal Man Downfield" penalty.

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Jaguars Y-Trips Offense

Updated by ZAN
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Welcome to ZAN's Madden 20 Jacksonville Jaguars Offensive Gameplan!

This gameplan is a brand new look into Madden 20 & all the new offensive concepts that will dominate the meta this year on the competitive circuit. I (ZAN) spent much of my time with the Beta testing out many offenses in Madden 20, and decided that I thought this offense provided an absolute TON of content for me to shoot once I got my hands on the game.

Once I started recording, I realized just how MASSIVE this Gameplan was going to be to kick off the Madden year.

So I decided to launch it in installations for easier learning. Over the first 2 months, I will be adding more and more content to this gameplan - but am pleased to lead off this gameplan with a comprehensive look at the:

Shotgun Y-Trips Offset

Shotgun Y Trips Wk


...formations, with much MUCH more on the way over the next several weeks! In this first installation, we kick off with almost two and a half hours of content. In this gameplan you will learn:


  • How to Bomb Cover 2
  • Brand NEW One-Play TDs
  • Torching Man Coverage
  • Underneath Zone Manipulation
  • The Single BEST RPO in Madden 20

Still to Come:


  • Compression (Gun Bunch/Bunch Wk/Tight Slots HB Wk
  • Doubles & Doubles Wk
  • Jumbo (Wing Tight, Wing Tight Z, Wing Pair)
2h 26m of Video Runtime 25 Play Breakdowns