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Unslidable "Pirate" Stunt
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A "Pirate Stunt" involves two defensive linemen on one side crashing hard to the inside, allowing a defensive tackle on the opposite side of the defensive line to loop all the way around to pressure the QB. In Madden, stunts and twists are not something that you can find along the defensive line. So we have to create one ourselves.

This stunt involves using a defensive lineman, but you will be able to apply similar pressure while being able to drop into coverage with a linebacker in the next video. This setup can not be stopped by slide protection, and blocking a HB is very inconsistent as the HB will often times ignore your rusher.

Setup (Flip Formation at Play Call menu):
1. Crash DL Down

2. Spy DT and user as shown in video*

*It's important to practice the "rush angle" in practice mode first. It's very easy to learn and reproduce.

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Panthers Defense

Updated by ZAN
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Madden 19 has launched, and a new year is upon us! Enter, ZAN's Carolina Panthers defensive gameplan.

This defense is predicated early in Madden 19 as showing your opponents looks that they are not used to from formations they are not used to.
Ever heard of a "Pirate Stunt?" - We have you covered!

Ever heard of a "Twist Stunt?" - Those aren't in Madden...but we figured out a way!

Be ready at the launch of Madden 19 with blitzes and coverage concepts out of the:

1. 5-2 Normal

2. 4-3 Over Plus (Flipped)

3. Dollar 3-2-6

This defense has served ZAN very well at the start of Madden 19 as he has almost exclusively operated from the 5-2 defense alone. The 4-3 Over Plus (Flipped) package is hands down one of the most exotic blitzing packages that ZAN has ever come up with; and it is YOURS to kick off Madden 19.

Let's get on the field and start locking up the competition!




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