SomeSerious 5-2 Defense

SomeSerious 5-2 Defense

Updated by SomeSerious
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This 5-2 Defense has been used by SomeSerious all year long to apply pressure on the opponents. SomeSerious has taken the defensive approach that he is not going to allow the offense to have time in the pocket with the most unapologetically aggressive defensive scheme in competitive Madden.

This is the defense that 2-time belt winner, Drini, did NOT want to face again in the single elimination phase of the MCS Madden Bowl this Spring!

Get started with the defense that turned this 1st year competitor into one of the Top 20 players in the world!


Some Serious has run this defense to:
- Win the Tennessee Titans Club Championship

- Win one of the Final 2 Madden Bowl spots in the MCS Last Chance Qualifier

- Compete in the Madden Bowl.

29m 59s of Video Runtime 8 Play Breakdowns