Wintgoat's Goal Line / Jumbo Offense

Wintgoat's Goal Line / Jumbo Offense

Updated by Wintgoat/ZAN/antcap24
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Wintgoat is the former Minnesota Vikings Club Series champion, and an up and coming Madden player who is considered to be a great "freestyle" player.

A couple months ago, Wintgoat faced the 2017 Madden Bowl Champion, Chris "Dubby" McFarland (who also has content on Playbook.GG). Wintgoat knew that Dubby does not like to face a run-first/run-heavy offense, so he went in and freestyled a victory with the Goalline formation. From there, Wintgoat realized that he had a great offense that he could develop further.

This offense, run solely from the Goalline formation (at the time) propelled him to the Top 10 for much of the MCS Last Chance Qualifier season.

Antcap and ZAN have been in the lab also working on the Singleback Ace Dbl Wing formation, which you can AUDIBLE INTO Goalline from as well.

With this combo guide, you will be able to control the clock with a couple formations that attack the popular meta defenses in ways that no other offensive formations do.
This guide comes complete with Route Specialist setups, unique depth chart glitches that will allow you to create entirely unique plays that other depth chart setups will not allow, and multiple coverage beaters for all the popular zone and cross man coverages in Madden 19.

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