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Scissors Flood
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In this video, we break down a setup to KMac's favorite play. We show you how well the Scissors Concept works together with an underneath Drag to beat all coverages. The ability beat the most common coverages with simple reads makes this setup so effective. On the next video, we are going to break down another setup for this play that will put a high demand for your opponent to make adjustments that will not only be a headache to stop by itself, but also create even more success for the setup in this current video.



Align the RB to the Wide Side of the field


1. Fade the Outside WR  (Opposite Side of RB)

2. Drag the Slot WR  (Opposite Side of RB)



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KMac's Gun Spread Offense

Updated by KMac
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KMac is back on with his high-powered Gun Spread Offense!

This gameplan is based out of the Arizona Cardinals playbook, but many of the concepts translate well to other Spread formations throughout many playbooks in the game! 

KMac's offense is designed to attack in a quick-read approach to force people out of blitzing!

His play designs feature very little motion and limited hot routes, so it is perfect for those who want to have a quick high paced offense! He shows us many of his route combinations that put great stress on the defense in whatever coverage they call. 

50m 25s of Video Runtime 14 Play Breakdowns