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Crossfire Blitz
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Cross 3 Fire
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 Setup (Call Play FLIPPED):

1. Base Align
2. Crash DL Right

3. Blitz LOLB on screen

4. User ROLB as shown in video

5. Adjust coverage behind pressure

The draw of the 4-3 Odd formation lies in the fact that:

1. Multiple Defense is the only defensive playbook in Madden 19 that has this formation

2. This is the only 4-3 formation that allow you to substitute a FS or SS at two of the linebacker positions on the field.


With the extra athleticism on the field, this is going to allow us to have faster players for both coverage and blitzing setups, while allowing us to audible into other 4-3 formations with this same personnel, whereas any other playbook in the game would not allow this personnel on the field.


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Shikobe's Multiple D Defense

Updated by Shikobe
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Over the year, the defensive meta in Madden 19 has shifted significantly.

In August and September, the game was about Crossfire Blitzing from 3-3-5 Odd.
In October through December, the game was about Nickel Normal.
After the most recent title update, Madden 19's defensive meta has shifted again: this time towards loop and shed defenses that can apply quick pressure on the QB with 4 rushers or less.

Tyler "Shikobe" Morley is an up and coming Madden player in the competitive Madden community that has helped in popularizing this style of defense from the Multiple Defensive playbook that has a couple of the best "block shedding" pass rush formations in all of Madden 19:

- 4-3 Normal

- Big Nickel Over G

With these three formations, you will be able to apply pressure on the QB without sending 6 rushers every down, and spend most of your time adjusting your coverage behind your base rush to absolutely LOCK DOWN the most popular offensive formations that most players run in competitive play and Weekend League, as well as in Regular Team H2H Madden!

1h 7m of Video Runtime 12 Play Breakdowns