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Jet 6 Drive
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Jet 6 Drive
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This is a play that will allow you to beat the blitz off either edge, while providing you a nice progression read that gives you multiple deep options on both sidelines vs. a more coverage based defense.


Setup (Call this play with your Trips aligned to the Wide Side of field):

1. Max Protect

2. Fade TE

3. Slant Outside WR on Trips Side

4. Smoke Screen Solo WR

5. Motion Snap Slot WR as shown in video

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Bengals Seahawks Offense

Updated by Boogz
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Reggie "Boogz" Brown is back on - this time with a combo guide that works out of EITHER the Cincinnati Bengals playbook OR the Seattle Seahawks playbook!

The draw of this guide is the unique route combinations that Boogz likes to utilize from the Gun Y Trips Wk and the Gun Y Off Trips formations. These simple, yet effective route progressions will have you moving the ball downfield with ease while having multiple secondary formations that you can audible into as detailed below!


Boogz is well aware of the content that has been updated on Playbook.GG this year. If you are a fan of JoelCP's Tight Flex offense, the Bengals book has the exact same Tight Flex and you can mix the two gameplans together on this site! If you like the Bunch TE Tribute guide that Boogz also contributed to, you can run this exact same offense along with the Gun Bunch TE formation out of the Seattle Seahawks book!

58m 11s of Video Runtime 14 Play Breakdowns