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Nickel Blitz 2
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Update - 11/28/2019: After a recent title update, contains off the edge will "stop" in the flat to truly contain the QB rather than attack the QB. The setup has been changed to reflect these patch changes.

The identity of this defensive gameplan is to be able to play lock down coverage with a dominant 4 man pass rush and amazing coverage behind it. The Nickel Normal formation provides just that! HOWEVER, you need the ability to dial up easy pressure whenever you feel like it. When you factor in that the majority of your snaps will be a great coverage-based defense with great run fits to stop the run game, you'll notice that most of your opponents will send out 5 pass catchers on routes with regularity. This makes blitzing from this formation a breeze.


5-Man Variation:

1. Press

2. Pinch DL & Crash DL Up

3. Stand in A-gap as shown in video

6-Man Variation:

1. Press

2. Pinch DL & Crash DL Up

3. Shift LBs away from nickel corner

4. Blitz OLB opposite of the nickel corner

5. Stand in A-gap as shown in video

Pro-Tip: With these blitzes relying on the QB contain feature, it's important to remember that you may need to slide in the blitzing nickel corner. In this video, we ran the Gun Split Close - which is a compression formation. This allows the nickel back to line up in the perfect spot. Versus spread out offensive formations, he may not be close enough to the defensive end on his side to be in the contain. In these cases, I do not recommend blitzing as much - OR, skip the QB contain step and just rush without the contains.

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Nickel Normal Defense

Updated by ZAN
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Welcome to the Nickel Normal defensive gameplan on!

Within this gameplan you will learn how I like to utilize Nickel personnel as my base personnel, and how I will base my defense with a split safety Cover 4 look to lock down the field in coverage while maintaining the best run fit on defense with 9 of your 11 defenders able to key on the run!

As with any defensive gameplan, we typically get half of our viewers asking if a specific breakdown "works" from their defense. Normally, this pertains to a 3-4 player asking if a video out of a 4-3 defense will translate, or vice versa.

With this particular defense (specifically the coverage rules), you will be able to run this base coverage from a Nickel Normal defense, or a Nickel 2-4-5 defense. 
Something to also consider is that you can run this defense from ANY defensive playbook out of the Big Nickel Over G!

1h 3m of Video Runtime 16 Play Breakdowns