Flashback Blitzing Defense

Flashback Blitzing Defense

Updated by ZAN
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Early in ANY year of Madden, blitzes are a premium. So we decided to get you started with blitzes that worked well in Madden 18 by optimizing them for Madden 19 with new and improved setups!

In this guide, you'll find consistent pressure that often eludes Madden players as they learn a new game. This year, blocksheds appear to be the primary way of getting to the QB in the first 2 weeks of the game. If you mix in and apply these improved setups, you'll earn more stops, force more turnovers, and score more points as a result!


Also included in this guide is a 3-4 Odd Blitzing Scheme that will allow you to generate pressure from a multitude of defenses, including:

  • Cover 2 Man
  • Tampa 2
  • Cover 2 Hard Flat
  • Cover 3 Sky
  • Cover 3 Sky Wk
  • Cover 3 Match
  • Cover 3 Buzz Buck
  • Cover 4 Drop Show 2
  • Cover 4 Match
  • Cover 6
  • Cover 9
  • Cover 1 Robber
  • Cover 1 Hole
  • Many other 3-4 Odd calls!
27m 40s of Video Runtime 5 Play Breakdowns