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7 to 8 Blitz Meta
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This play was designed to attack the 7 to 8 met blitzes against soft squats or outside quarters. The unique route to the Solo WR to the short side of the field is a great way to beat both coverages. If your opponent does not initially guard the crosser, you can quickly throw it to him on the initial break to the middle of the field for big catch and run potential.



Align the Solo WR to the short side of the field
1. Smart Route the Solo WR

2. Block the RB

3. Block the TE

4. Motion the RB across

5. Slide Protect right twice

6. ID the Mike on the left edge blitzer



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Gun Doubles Offense

Updated by antcap24
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Antcap24 is one of Madden's most innovative minds when it comes to passing the football. Gun Doubles is his signature offense of Madden 20.

If you're looking to get away from the run meta and air it out, this is the offense for you. This gameplan provides several setups to attack every coverage and specializes in countering the heavy blitz meta.

2h 1m of Video Runtime 39 Play Breakdowns