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This play may be one of the most important plays in our scheme. It doesn't seem like much, but it often acts as a run play by keeping the down and distances more manageable. This play can seem like it is annoying to run over and over again throughout a course of a game, but it will allow you to get your opponent to change his coverages and put you in the driver's seat.




1. Align the Solo WR to the wide side of the field
2. Block the RB


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Gun Doubles Offense

Updated by antcap24
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Antcap24 is one of Madden's most innovative minds when it comes to passing the football. Gun Doubles is his signature offense of Madden 20.

If you're looking to get away from the run meta and air it out, this is the offense for you. This gameplan provides several setups to attack every coverage and specializes in countering the heavy blitz meta.

2h 1m of Video Runtime 39 Play Breakdowns