Strong Close I Close Offense

Strong Close I Close Offense

Updated by ZAN & antcap24
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The Oakland Raiders playbook has been the most popular playbook in Madden 20 for good reason! The playbook is loaded with some of the best running formations in all of the game which puts so much stress on the defense to stop all styles of plays.

The issue with most of the "Meta" formations is that there are not a huge amount of passing options to go along with these powerful plays which allows your opponent to concentrate solely on stopping the run.

Enter our Strong Close and I Close Gameplan. We have taken formations that have an amazing run game and combined it with DOTS all over the field. This offense will result in making your opponent feel helpless! 

 We have designed the perfect blend of Smash Mouth Football, West Coast quick passes, and Air it Out long ball all in one gameplan! You are bound to have success with whatever style Madden you prefer!

1h 35m of Video Runtime 33 Play Breakdowns