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This is one of the highest level offenses we've ever published on This is the exact tournament offense Boogz ran in the Madden Classic and will continue to run in Madden 20.



Outside WRs: You want as much speed and route running as you can get in these positions.

Middle Bunch WR: You need a route specialist here. This could be Kittle if you're using the 49ers, or any player with Slot Apprentice in regs or MUT. If you're using Tom Brady in regs or any QB in MUT with Route Master, you can ignore this as the WR will get the additional hot routes from the QB.

TE: Boogz uses a fullback here because of the 49ers roster limitations. You want someone who can catch passes and break tackles after a short pass to the flat.

HB: You will need a HB that's capable of catching passes out of the backfield in this offense.

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Boogz Bunch Offense

Updated by Boogz
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If you've watched Boogz compete in the MCS circuit over the past several years, you know him as a Gun Bunch specialist. We have teamed up with Boogz to bring you his tournament offense from his deep run in the Madden Classic.

Boogz's West Coast Bunch is one of the most dominant offenses we've ever released on This isn't a ground and pound approach. You'll be airing it out in this explosive offense and picking apart defenses with unique route combinations.

Although Boogz has proven this offense wins games at the highest levels of competitive Madden, the game-planning and preparation makes the reads remarkably simple. Learn this offense and you'll be scoring more points and winning more games in no time.


1h 29m of Video Runtime 18 Play Breakdowns