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Cover 3 Bomb
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PA WR Cross
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In this video, we show you are really nice Cover 3 beater that has the potential of being a one-play TD. This play is is unique as it is best used it the middle of the field and not on a hash mark that most plays need to be on to attack either the short or wide side of the field. This play works best just left of the middle of the field if you are running it the direction of the original playcall, or just to the right of the middle of the field if you flip the play. This play should absolutely be in your audibles so you will be able to call this play when the situation presents itself.


Setup | Between the Hashes

1. Place Slot WR on Streak

2. Motion Outside WR (twins side) across formation and place on smart routed comeback




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Rams Gun Tight Doubles Offense

Updated by antcap24
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In this gameplan, antcap24 installs another formation from the Los Angeles Rams Playbook!

This offense was designed to be a base offense in which you can destroy both zone and man coverage easily!

We have designed this formation to move the ball down the field at the pace you choose! We have tons of play designs that allow you to dink and dunk, play designs that extend the field to get 15-20 yards a pop, and also 1 play TD opportunities when you need to dial up a play to get you a quick score! 

This compressed formation allows for very simple reads and concepts that will continuously put your opponent in a situation in which they do not know who to cover!



1h 20m of Video Runtime 22 Play Breakdowns