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Madden 20's Best Run
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HB Stretch
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In this video, ZAN explains why the I-Form Close Slot HB Stretch is the best run from 21 personnel (2 RBs 1 TE) in Madden 20.

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Jags 2 Back Offense

Updated by ZAN
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In this gameplan ZAN installs the 2 Back offense for the Jacksonville Jaguars Gameplan! With this offense, you will be able to establish a balanced rushing attack combining the single best run play in Madden 20 (only in this playbook and the Oakland Raiders playbook) with RPOs, one play TDs, several man beating route combinations, and setups that flood every zone coverage in the game.


You will most certainly want to use this in conjunction with ZAN's Jaguars Y-Trips Offensive Gameplan that you can also find here. That gameplan shows the single best RPO in Madden 20 and establishes a great shotgun aerial spread offense that compliments this smashmouth/west coast passing gameplan!

1h 27m of Video Runtime 21 Play Breakdowns