The Bear 46 Defense

The Bear 46 Defense

Updated by ZAN & antcap24
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Welcome to ZAN & Antcap's Madden 20 Launch Gameplan out of the 46 Defensive Gameplan!

Early on in Madden 20, you're going to notice that the competitive meta has shifted from a passer's game where you had all day in the pocket to throw crossing routes and corners (in Madden 18/19) into a runner's game where the pass rush is considerably faster this year.

As a result, the majority of top level players are running the ball very heavily. The first two tournaments of the year were won by players who ran the ball well over 70% of the time for 200-300 yards a game. As a result, we wanted to ensure that our first defensive gameplan of the year bottled up the run on 1st and 2nd downs so that your pass rushing setups can get home to the QB on a 3rd & Long as opposed to having to guess run vs. pass on 3rd & short in a very run heavy game!

Within this gameplan, we have:


  • User Run Defense (Hitsticks in the Backfield)
  • CPU Run Defense (If your user isn't up to par)
  • "Bait" Run Defenses (that dare your opponent to run into a trap)
  • 3-Man Unslidable Pressure (WITH A RUNNINGBACK BLOCKING)
  • Zone Blitzes that confuse 6-7 man pass protections
  • Lockdown Coverage combinations after you force your opponent to pass
  • The SINGLE BEST Run Defense for "Stretch, Armbar, and Pray" offenses!
1h 58m of Video Runtime 20 Play Breakdowns