Singleback Doubles | Z Post Y Out

Cover 2 Bomb w/ Deep Blue
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Z Post Y Out
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This play is designed to really cause some headaches for your opponent. When we forced people to play Cover 2 after destroying them with Cover 3 and Cover 4 beaters, they will have to make a decision to put a MLB in Middle Third zone to try to contain some of our other bomb plays we have in this gameplan. When they make that adjustment, enter this play! This will get the MLB that is in that Middle Third to jump towards the Curl Route the majority of the time allowing the Deep Skinny Post to be open in the middle of the field as he splits the safeties. 

Setup | TE to Short Side:

1. Max Protect

2. Put Outside WR on a Curl

3. Put Slot WR on a Zig (a hot routed Zig, not route in current play)

4. Motion TE across the formation towards the Twin WR side

This play is a Shot Play. It is not designed to beat too many coverages and is something you want to dial up when your opponent has shown you consistent play call behavior.


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Rams Doubles Offense

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 This gameplan will be loaded installments as we work through the Doubles formation throughout the playbook.  The first installment features the Singleback Doubles which has some of the best run options in the game. Combine this potent run game with the best set of under center pass plays, and you will feel in complete control of the game!

1h 23m of Video Runtime 25 Play Breakdowns