Dubby's Jets Offense

Dubby's Jets Offense

Updated by Dubby
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Chris "Dubby" McFarland returns to Playbook.gg with his Madden 19 Launch Offense out of the New York Jets! Learn how to destroy all types of coverage in the game with in depth breakdowns out of the:


  • Gun Y Trips HB Wk
  • Gun Trey Y Flex
  • Gun Split Close
  • Singleback Trio

This offense is tailor made for you to begin dominating early in Madden 19. It contains one play touchdowns, sneaky coverage beaters, and some of the most frustrating routes to defend in all of Madden 19, while maintaining the flexibility to ad lib on the fly around these routes because they aren't dependent on specific coverages! His progression read system allows you a lot of flexibility in the check down game to keep your opponents honest!

So let's get started with one of the best offenses in all of Madden 19!


59m 36s of Video Runtime 19 Play Breakdowns