Falcons Offense

Falcons Offense

Updated by ZAN
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At launch, it's important to have a reliable offense that can establish a balance between the run game, quick pass game, and the playaction game. Enter, the best undercenter compression offense in the game - the Atlanta Falcons offense brought to you by ZAN. 

This Madden 19 launch day offense employs motion concepts designed to flood zone coverage, create man-to-man mismatches, and to help in the run game.

With many break downs out of the:

1. I-Form Close
2. Strong Close
3. Weak Close

you will be able to establish a progression-read based passing system that is designed to beat all types of coverages in Madden 18. This system will allow you to mix in the run game and a playaction deep game that can beat any coverage in the game for quick strikes.

Over the next few weeks post-release, we will be updating this guide with more setups as the metagame evolves, but we wanted to ensure that you had something to utilize AS SOON as you get your hands on Madden 19!

1h 37m of Video Runtime 27 Play Breakdowns