Ravens Spread Offense

Ravens Spread Offense

Updated by ZAN/Antcap
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As we get later into the Madden 19 season, we are looking into newer and different route combinations to put you in a spot where you are prepared for Madden 20. One of the biggest achilles heels for players is that they enter a new season running the same thing they did to end the previous year. The issue with that? EA always looks to tweak things that were over-effective the previous year. So we decided to take a look at this gameplan with the goal of refreshing your minds as to some sneakier route combinations that will help you go into the new season with a fresh mindset. While we haven't played Madden 20 yet, we know the importance of staying innovative at the end of one year to lay the foundation.

This Ravens Gameplan breaks down one of the more unique and underused playbooks in the game!

In this gameplan, ZAN and Antcap focus on the Gun Spread Y-Flex, which has arguably the single best STOCK passing play in all of Madden 19, with an amazing and unique look at the Ravens' Gun Y Trips Wk formation that will give you a new look at how you can move the ball with a great quick passing scheme!

1h 29m of Video Runtime 20 Play Breakdowns