Cardinals Wing Stack Offense

Cardinals Wing Stack Offense

Updated by antcap24 & ZAN
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Over the last couple months, PlaybookGG has released several gameplans from the Arizona Cardinals offense. We started with KMac and his revolutionary Gun Spread offense, and then pivoted to Antcap's Cardinals offense (comprised of Gun Doubles, Gun Bunch HB Str, Gun Y Trips Wk, Gun Y Off Trio Wk).

Now, enter the Arizona Cardinals Wing Stack offense, written by Antcap and ZAN!

With this offense you will be able to attack all the meta defensive tactics in the game with unique west coast route combinations, huge one-play TDs, and a balanced possession-based run game to control the clock and keep the pace of play in your favor.

With this offense, you will be able to utilize either 2 WRs/2 TEs/1 RB OR you can work with 3 WR/2 TE/1 RB without having to leave the formation.

This will allow you to utilize elements of:

- ZAN's Wing Tight Gameplan (Chargers offense, but formation also found in Arizona)

- K Mac's Gun Spread

- Antcap's Cardinals Gameplan

With many ways to attack the pesky Nickel 3-3-5 Tampa 2, Cover 4 Quarters, and many of the popular Cover 3 Blitzes that are so popular in competitive circles.


What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

1h 35m of Video Runtime 29 Play Breakdowns