Man-Align Coverage Defense

Man-Align Coverage Defense

Updated by ZAN
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Madden has always been a game that, on the competitive level, is about offensive/defensive tells. You play your opponent, and sponge up information like:

"When his DB is aligned this way, he's in Cover 2 Zone. When he's aligned THIS way, he's in straight up man-to-man."


However, one of the most underutilized functions in the game on defense can lead to really unique coverage looks that will disguise your defense better than "base align" ever has!



Make all zone & man coverages look alike.

Disguise blitzes.

Stop those pesky "break huddle & flip your formation" offenses that try to disrupt correct defensive alignments.


ZAN & Antcap have been in the lab for a while testing out how man-align will strengthen your ability to stop the pass while making sure that you are running athlete vs. athlete and not giving up direct mismatches. By using this feature, we promise that your game will go to the next level, even if you do not run the formations found in this guide. Just absorbing the conceptual coverages will help you out ten-fold!

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