Jumbo Offense

Jumbo Offense

Updated by ZAN
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It's been two years since the Jumbo formation was competitively viable in Madden. This year, it's back with a vengeance. For the last two months, ZAN has been labbing to master this formation as we head into the "Last Chance" Madden Championship Season, and this offense comes just in time for you to make a run!


This guide contains:
- Many unique, never before seen one play TDs from a formation no one is prepared to defend

- Ways to manipulate every single underneath coverage in the game

- Route combinations that will move the ball in any mode (we even have Route Specialist combinations to make it even tougher to defend in Weekend League or Salary Cap!)

- The return of the ROCKET CATCH?!

- Very difficult to defend run game (with 3 tight ends on the field) while not sacrificing your ability to throw the ball every single down with countless route combinations

1h 19m of Video Runtime 21 Play Breakdowns