Gun Y Off Trips Pats | TE Whip

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TE Whip
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This play setup is designed to take advantage of the route that is ran by the Solo WR from a slot position. Very much like the play out of Gun Bunch Wk, called Pats Sail, that route will go across the field all the way to the sideline. It is able to get under the deep zones, yet remain above any underneath zones in a spot in the field that is very difficult to defend. This setup is intended to be ran as a quicker hike option without any motion attached to it. The next video will show you how to incorporate motion from either hash mark to make this play even more dominant.


Setup | Align Trips to Wide Side of the field:

1. Max Protect

2. Streak the Slot WR

3. Slant the Outside WR on the Trips Side

4. Drag the Tight End (Optional to also Block for Max Protection)



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Y Off Trips Pats Offense

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 The Gun Y Off Trips Pats Gameplan is one of the most diverse offenses that you will find anywhere! It features the most unique collection of routes that we spent hours crafting into only the most powerful play designs.

 This offense is bound to fit anyone's play style! It has the ability to be a ball control offense specializing in taking the first open receiver allowing you to carve apart a defense in a methodical manner, or it can be an offense that allows for huge yardage gains looking for receiving targets 20 yards or more down the field.

 This gameplan can also act as the perfect compliment to other popular formations in the New England Patriots playbook such as Gun Trips TE and Gun Bunch. We provide so many specific coverage beaters that you it will allow you to use this offense to help you have solution base plays depending on the coverages you are facing. 

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