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Coverage Based Defense
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Cover 2 Press
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1. Call any 46 Normal (Speed Package) - FLIPPED.

2. Audible into 46 Bear Under - Cover 2 Press

3. Place Outside CBs in Deep 1/2 Zones

4. Place both Safeties in Hook Curls

5. Place both OLBs in Curl Flats/Hard Flats/Seam Flats (Your choice - we tend to prefer Hard Flats)

6. User MLB in anything but a Mid-Read zone


*Pro-Tip: In this particular coverage combo, the 46 Bear Under will allow the Hook Curls to jump post routes and crossers while also taking away the flats with your OLBS (Step 5). In order for this to work, you can NOT have any other "yellow" zones on the field except your safeties in the hook curls. You also can NOT shade your coverage. Doing either of those things will disrupt the "matching rules" of your safeties in those hook curl zones.

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46 Bear Under Defense

Updated by ZAN & antcap24
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Ever since Day 1 of Playbook.GG opening, our players have clamored for a 4-6 defensive gameplan. After all that waiting, we are proud to release the 46 Bear Under (Flipped) defensive gameplan written by Antcap and ZAN!

Within this gameplan, you will be able to:
- Shut Down the Run (That's what the 46 Defense does, after all)

- Set up Unique Coverage combinations that defend some of the most problematic routes in Madden 19, unlike some of the standard coverages you see in other popular defensive formations.

- Bring some of the quickest and most unique pressures in Madden from some very aggressive pre-snap fronts in Madden 19.

This guide will take advantage of being able to put the "46 Bear Under Speed Package" on your field to have elite athletes flying around the field to stop the run, defend the pass, and apply pressure on the quarterback!

31m 15s of Video Runtime 8 Play Breakdowns