Pwny Montana's Pistol Offense

Pwny Montana's Pistol Offense

Updated by Pwny Montana
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With a recent title update, we saw the removal of contain blitzes that crippled offensive creativity for the first 4+ months of Madden 19.

Enter: Pwny Montana - an up and coming Pro Madden player and partnered Twitch streamer.


Last year, Pwny Montana turned many heads with his unique offensive gameplan out of the Pistol playbook. He combined the best of two worlds: 


- the effectiveness of an undercenter run game

- the time in the pocket provided by a shotgun-based passing attack


to absolutely dumbfound some of the world's best Madden players. He first emerged in the Buffalo Bills Club Series; placing extremely well but falling just short of being the Bills Club Series Champion. And then he joined the Muthead League with 15 of the best players in the world, and absolutely dominated with this unique offense.


And Pwny is BACK in Madden 19 with an improved version of this same O!

With breakdowns out of the:


- Pistol Bunch

- Pistol Bunch TE

- Pistol Weak I

- Pistol Weak Slot Flex

with more on the way soon via a pre-scheduled update...

you will be able to run or pass the ball with great effectiveness! This book has some of the best run plays and some of the most unique deep bombs you will find in Madden 19. In fact, this gameplan has more one-play TDs than almost any guide we have ever released on Playbook.GG!

And you should probably get on this right now....before the others catch on!

1h 7m of Video Runtime 17 Play Breakdowns