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This is Cleff's base play from the Bunch Wk in the West Coast offense. The reason he likes this is because it's a non-hash dependent (can run to short or wide side) that is very difficult to stop for a user defender. It attacks both the blitz and the max coverage style defenses well as you'll be able to hit your dual drags underneath, the TE in the quick flat vs. the blitz, or the post over the middle the must be user defended.


With the meta being pretty heavy on 6-man pressures, specifically the dual edge + looper from 335 Odd, this play is very difficult to defend.




1. Block RB


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West Coast Bunch Offense

Updated by Cleff
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If you don't know who Dwayne "Cleff" Wood is yet, you soon will. Cleff ended Madden 18 playing the best Madden of anyone in the community, and started off Madden 19 just as hot as he finished 18. An underground money game player, Cleff was originally a "Regular Team" only player, who has now expanded his horizons into the Madden Ultimate Team world. His offense out of the West Coast can be run on any mode in the game, and does not rely on special abilities that are only found in Ultimate Team.


Bunch has always been one of the top offenses in Madden, and Madden 19 is no different. Right now, Cleff is probably playing the best out of bunch in terms of people who are out there playing on stream...and is certainly in the conversation for playing the best overall Madden in the community right now.


Cleff has qualified for his first live event, the Tampa Bay Bucs Club Series. This guide will give you a look into why he is so successful in his first true year on the competitive circuit.

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