K-Aus' Trips TE Offense

K-Aus' Trips TE Offense

Updated by K-Aus
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Welcome to the K-Aus New England Patriots Trips TE offense on Playbook.gg! Kent "K-Aus" Auslander is a top-notch competitive Madden player that has kicked his Madden 19 season off starting hot off the moment from being the the Madden 18 Ultimate League. A bonafide top-15 player in the world, K-Aus has already taken down two of the bigger online tournaments in the Madden Community thus far, and also has a Top 8 finish recently in a big online event amongst top-level Madden competitors.

K-Aus will also be competing live in the Steelers Club Series, and was a member of the Muthead League in Madden 18.


As many top-level players do, K-Aus' name is becoming synonymous with the Gun Trips TE formation. He ran it heavily last year, and was featured on Playbook.GG. Now he is back with his setups to dominate the competition in Madden 19 out of this same formation. In this offense you will be able to shred man and zone coverage with simple, yet effective progression reads, pick up the blitz with a variety of unique motion blocking setups that don't sacrifice your route combinations, and absolutely dominate in the redzone with setups that are specific down to the exact yardage needed for a touchdown!

So let's get started!

1h 29m of Video Runtime 18 Play Breakdowns