Nickel Normal Defense

Nickel Normal Defense

Updated by ZAN
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Welcome to the Nickel Normal defensive gameplan on!

Within this gameplan you will learn how I like to utilize Nickel personnel as my base personnel, and how I will base my defense with a split safety Cover 4 look to lock down the field in coverage while maintaining the best run fit on defense with 9 of your 11 defenders able to key on the run!

As with any defensive gameplan, we typically get half of our viewers asking if a specific breakdown "works" from their defense. Normally, this pertains to a 3-4 player asking if a video out of a 4-3 defense will translate, or vice versa.

With this particular defense (specifically the coverage rules), you will be able to run this base coverage from a Nickel Normal defense, or a Nickel 2-4-5 defense. 
Something to also consider is that you can run this defense from ANY defensive playbook out of the Big Nickel Over G!

1h 3m of Video Runtime 16 Play Breakdowns