JoelCP's Tight Flex Offense

JoelCP's Tight Flex Offense

Updated by JoelCP
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Joel "JoelCP" Crooms-Porter makes his debut with the offense that he has dominated competitive Madden with for the last 2 years -- the Gun Tight Flex offense! A bonafide Top 5 player in the world in Madden 18, Joel makes his living once again in this great passing formation.


In this offense, you will learn everything you need to know to take total control of the passing game:


- One Play TDs

- The BEST Redzone Offense in Madden 19

- Man Beaters

- Zone Beaters

- Blocking Schemes vs. the major meta defenses

- How to get a WR at TE

This offense is so dynamic that you will be able to run it out of any book that contains the Tight Flex offense where you can compliment what Joel does with other complimentary 1 RB 1 TE 3 WR formations of your choosing:

- Tennessee Titans 
- Cincinnati Bengals

- Los Angeles Rams 

So let's get started!

58m 35s of Video Runtime 24 Play Breakdowns