Stiff's 3-3-5 Odd Defense

Stiff's 3-3-5 Odd Defense

Updated by Stiff
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The 3-3-5 Odd Defense remains to be one of the most outright dominant defenses in Madden after the September patch.

Frank "Stiff" Sardoni is back again in Madden 19; this time with the defense that he has been using to absolutely demolish the competition in Weekend League each week. In the one short month that the game has been out, Stiff already has a #1 and a Top 5 finish in Weekend League to his name.

Learn how to:
1. Bring disguised blitzes from the left, right, and off of BOTH edges

2. Make coverage adjustments that will baffle players that rely heavily on the previous play feature

3. Stop the shotgun and under center run

4. Drop into base coverage


all while adjusting primarily from one defense! This is what top level Madden players do. They out-adjust their opponents while showing them the same looks pre-snap. Take the next step in your game today!

P.S. - Did we mention that we brought back the ever-popular "QB contain" defense that was one of the primary reasons for the September patch to begin with.

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