Stiff's Run n Gun Offense

Stiff's Run n Gun Offense

Updated by Stiff
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The Madden 16 Champion, Frank "Stiff" Sardoni, is BACK with an amazing offense out of the Run 'n' Gun playbook. This offense will primarily focus on a balanced attack out of the Singleback Ace Slot package. 

Stiff's approach is predicated around consistent progression reads. This eliminates much of the "presnap" guessing that most players struggle with by providing consistent plays that beat both man and zone coverages with great crossing and flooding concepts that require the user to have to be in multiple places at once!

Not only that, but the Run 'n' Gun playbook boasts one of, if not the single best Gun Trips TE formation in Madden 19. This formation has the sneakiest play in Madden 19, and is extremely well equipped to attack meta defenses that you all see online in head-to-head and Weekend League!


2h 2m of Video Runtime 24 Play Breakdowns