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Michael Scott, aka "Prodigy", is just that. The 19 year old from California made Burbank his backyard as one of the Top 16 players in the world. Starting with a deep run in the Madden Challenge, he parlayed his success into a birth in the Madden Ultimate League Championship.

In Madden 18, Gun Bunch is king. There are two main schools of though when it comes to this formation. The first of which is the West Coast Bunch. Many players have flocked to this version of the Gun Bunch - including Prodigy during the Ultimate League. Since then, it's become increasingly popular in the Madden community to run the New England Patriots' Gun Bunch due to 2 unique plays that most Gun Bunch playbooks do not possess. These plays unlock route combos that will frustrate many of the meta defenses, and are nearly indefensible by stock zone coverages.

Let's dive in and change how you run the most popular offensive formation in Madden 18!

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Prodigy Pats Bunch Offense

Updated by Prodigy
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Michael Scott, aka "Prodigy", joins to show us how to run the New England Patriots' Gun Bunch offense.

This offense is one of the most popular and powerful gameplans in Madden 18!

1h 10m of Video Runtime 11 Play Breakdowns