"Kerry Close" Offense

"Kerry Close" Offense

Updated by K3rryq
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For YEARS, the Singleback Deuce Close has been a popular formation in Madden NFL Football. The ability to establish a power run game up the middle, or a more finesse run game to the outside combined with many of the game's most popular passing concepts is what has had this formation holding a top spot in the scheme power rankings over the last 2-3 years. There's also a reason this formation is know in Madden's inner circles as the "Kerry Close".

It's time to TRULY learn how to run this scheme. Playbook.gg is happy to welcome the ORIGINATOR of this offense, K3rryq.

Kerry has been on the competitive  Madden Championship Series scene for the last 2-3 years; but has been a well recognized and well travelend underground competitive player for a long time before his arrival on the scene in Burbank, California. He's recognized as the hands down BEST at running this formation. You have seen the Deuce Close before. You know the Wham. You know the Stretch. But that's where this formation ends for about 99% of the Madden playing population. It's nothing more than a mini-scheme to some.

But what you DON'T KNOW is the scary part. There's a reason that Kerry has a list of accomplishments that surpass most other competitive Madden players while staying in this offense scheme. Much like other players who master other formations - Kerry's attention to detail is the reason that he can stay in this under center scheme and move the ball downfield while others struggle in Weekend League and on the competitive circuit.

Learn all the tricks of the trade to the "Kerry Close" within. It's time to take back this formation and run it the RIGHT way.

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