Beastmode Mac Defense

Beastmode Mac Defense

Updated by Beastmode Mac
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The Madden 17 Challenge winner, Matt "Beastmode Mac" Clark joins to share his defensive tips that have given him success in Madden 18. Mac has used this defense all year to secure himself a MCS Season 2 Challenger event victory in Las Vegas, NV as well played well throughout the Muthead League Season 3. Known as one of the EMB crew's defensive minds, Mac has always been someone who prides himself on being two steps ahead of the meta-game. 


Found within this guide are defenses that will lock down all of the most popular concepts that you see online in Head-to-Head.


  •  Stretch Defense
  •  Toss Defense
  •  Wham Defense
  •  Bunch Defense
  •  West Coast "Max Protect" Gun Bunch Defense
  •  Exotic Coverage Concepts
  •  How to SHUT DOWN C-Routes after the Cloud Flat Glitch patch



Let's get started!

59m 14s of Video Runtime 12 Play Breakdowns