SteveyJ's "3-4 Even" Defense

SteveyJ's "3-4 Even" Defense

Updated by SteveyJ
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Stevey J is back after a dominant performance in Week 1 of the MCS "Ultimate League". After holding one of the best players in the world and one of the most prolific passers in Madden history in Michael Skimbo to 6 points in their first meeting, SteveyJ is unlocking the tools you need to run 3-4 Even like he does. This defense is focused on shutting down one of the most frustrating offenses in Madden 18 - the West Coast Bunch Wk. This offense, as most know, is predicated around conflicting the user defender to defend playmaker drags or a number of tough to stop post routes.


Though this gameplan is predicated on stopping the Bunch Wk, it can be applied to other formations as well, such as the Bunch TE, Gun Split Close, and Deuce Close -- all of which are popular "meta-formations" in Madden.


Stevey J's attention to detail with his zone coverage is the reason he has become one of the best defensive players and adjusters in the Madden community. His poise under pressure is well earned, knowing that he has an answer for everything thrown his way!


Let's dig in to the 3-4 Even Defensive Gameplan, by Stevey J!

1h 16m of Video Runtime 10 Play Breakdowns