Spotmeplzzz Seahawks Offense

Spotmeplzzz Seahawks Offense

Updated by Spotmeplzzz
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Taylor "Spotmeplzzz" Robertson joins as our 2nd Madden Championship Series belt holder on the website. After winning the Madden 17 Classic, Spotme put the world on notice as one of the more prolific passers in the community. The community fell in love with his Bunch TE offense & he immediately catapulted himself into the conversation of "best offensive minds"  among Madden professionals

Spotmeplzzz is back in Madden NFL 18 running the Gun Bunch TE, and is bringing his offense to His Seattle Seahawks offense has 21 plays and nearly an hour and a half of content from the following formations:


  • Gun Bunch TE
  • Gun Bunch Wk
  • Gun Empty Bunch
  • Gun Tight Slots
  • Gun Y Trio Offset Wk
  • I-Form H Slot Open


Inside this gameplan are one play TDs versus every zone coverage shell in the game regardless of which game mode or difficulty you are playing on. Yes, we even have you covered vs. those Weekend League "God Squads". This guide is sure to improve your game as well as your mindset when it comes to passing like a pro in Madden 18!

1h 26m of Video Runtime 21 Play Breakdowns