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In this video, we introduce Kaus, talk about his competitive success in Madden 18, and discuss his offensive gameplan.

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Kaus' Trips TE Offense

Updated by Kaus
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From online streamer to Top 16 in the world, Kent "K-Aus" (pronounced like "Chaos") Auslander broke his way on to the competitive Madden scene in Madden 18 running the Trips TE offense found in the L.A. Chargers offense.

This gameplan focuses almost solely on this popular formation, with the Chargers possessing the most unique plays in this formation of any book that has Trips TE. Kaus' attention to detail is unsurpassed as he breaks down zone and man coverage with impressive vertical and horizontal flooding concepts and several man beaters.

Also contained in this guide is a HUGE secret about passing against 91 ZCV in Madden 18. Be sure to check out this new technique broken down by ZAN, himself.

1h 16m of Video Runtime 23 Play Breakdowns