#MoarRoar Offense

#MoarRoar Offense

Updated by ZAN
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Welcome to the Jacksonville Jaguars #MoarRoar offensive gameplan written by ZAN. This gameplan is going to focus primarily on 11 personnel - which is 1 runningback and 1 tight end. These 3 WR formations will stress our opponents knowledge of the run game (as Jacksonville possesses the best Singleback Y-Trips in all of Madden 18) as well as there knowledge of zone rules on both the short and wide sides of the field.

We will be utilizing foundations that we created in previous gameplans - such as the "slow TE" rule vs. 91 ZCV rated defensive backs and safeties. We will utilize popular running concepts from formations that can attack and beat even the most popular run defenses. We will be utilizing unique route combinations to get our playmakers the ball in space.

From this gameplan, you will be set as we enter February of Madden 18. With all of the new defensive players in Ultimate Team and all of the popular defensive schemes in the competitive Madden community relying on great heat and 91 ZCV, we are going to install a run-first mentality with some excellent passing options for any scenario. With this gameplan, we will focus a lot on the "presnap" element of competitive Madden.

So let's get started!

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