Dubby's Chiefs Defense

Dubby's Chiefs Defense

Updated by Dubby
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Back by popular demand, Chris "Dubby" McFarland is sharing his Kansas City Chiefs Defense. With comprehensive looks at both the 3-4 Odd and the Nickel 3-3-5, Dubby will have your defense locking down between the 20's and in the redzone. The Madden Bowl Champion from 2017 has already punched his ticket into the Madden 18 Ultimate League, and now he's here to show you the defense that has helped him lock down in every different mode of Madden. 

Dubby classifies his defensive scheme as a "philosophy". He is going to stay in his Cover 2 shell and out-adapt you with unique 5 and 6 man pressures, as well as unique coverage schemes.

Do you miss the Crossman from Madden 17? It makes its return to Madden 18 with Dubby's new defensive gameplan. 

Whether you're a Weekend League Warrior, Competitive Player, or just looking to get better on defense in Madden 18, the Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Gameplan has something for you!

1h 41m of Video Runtime 18 Play Breakdowns