Strafin's "Multiple D" Defense

Strafin's "Multiple D" Defense

Updated by Strafin
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Ryan "I Be Strafin" Danczak is notorious for being one of the most unpredictable Madden players in the community. His mantra has always been to mix up his calls on both sides of the ball to keep his opponents' off-balance. Strafin comes to Playbook.GG with one of the more unique defensive gameplans in the Madden community. His 3-4 Odd defense has been keeping his opponents guessing all year long, and now we will teach you what Strafin knows to help you shut down the most popular offensive passing and running schemes in Madden 18.

We will primarily be running the 3-4 Odd today, but Strafin prefers the Multiple Defense because it has:

  • 3-4 Odd
  • 4-3 Under
  • Dollar 3-2-6


In talking with Strafin, one of the big things that stood out to me is that he has a mind for the details. He told me that he "doesn't have the time to do a Rubix cube every play before the ball is snapped." This stood out to be because this allows him to get consistent blitz setups and coverage schemes with minimal adjustments. In fact, he spends the majority of his time making those "random" adjustments that he has become notorious for in the Madden community.


HOWEVER, it's not "random" as you'll learn. Strafin's thought process makes everything that he does from multiple formations scheme together to lock down all the popular you've seen this year! So let's get goin'!

1h 16m of Video Runtime 16 Play Breakdowns