Stevey J's Texans Offense

Stevey J's Texans Offense

Updated by SteveyJ
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Stephen "SteveyJ" Javaruski has been an up-and-coming Madden player over the last couple of years. This year, he was able to take down the toughest Madden Championship Series Challenger event out in Las Vegas, NV at the Millenial eSports Arena. He overcame a field of 150 of the toughest Madden players in the world to earn himself a seat at the first MCS event in Burbank, CA. 

SteveyJ is the master of the "More Pitch" offense, but wants you to know from the jump that this offense is not about just the pitch. This offense is about dictating that you have to stop the pitch to see the rest of his offense. By running the pitch to success in Las Vegas, SteveyJ set a meta that has trascended the Madden community. Truth be told, SteveyJ would rather pass on you all game, and the roughly 90 minutes of breakdowns in this guide prove that he has a dominant passing attack to go with the rushing attack.

Furthermore, with the arrival of the "On The Fly Audibles" you can now run the scheme that won him a seat in Burbank and has him currently in the Top 16 heading towards his Club Series finals in Tampa Bay for the Buccaneers. With breakdowns out of the:


  • Singleback Tight Slots
  • Pistol Tight Slots
  • Gun Bunch
  • Singleback Ace Close
  • I-Form Tight


SteveyJ will have you prepared to attack any defense your opponent throws your way. And with the recommended audibles, you will be able to come out in toss all day and force your opponents' hand into calling the best defense to stop the pitch - while having each and every play in this gameplan able to be set as a audible that you can access from the Tight Slots formation.

1h 22m of Video Runtime 19 Play Breakdowns