Dubby's Packers Offense

Dubby's Packers Offense

Updated by Dubby
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Chris "Dub Dot Dubby" (or just "Dubby") McFarland has been one of the top players on the Madden leaderboards over the last 3-4 years. Last year, Chris was able to take home the Madden Bowl 2017 Championship in a thrilling win over Eric "Problem" Wright.


Playbook.GG is proud to present Dubby's Green Bay Packers offense, which he has been running ever since he won that Championship in Madden 17. With some of the best spread concepts in all of Madden 18, Dubby provides us with ways to flood every zone coverage combination in the game with unique route combinations. This championship caliber offense is something that he brings to the table to help take your game to the next level.


With breakdowns out of the:

  • Gun Tight Offset TE
  • Gun Ace Offset
  • Gun Doubles Flex
  • Gun Bunch
  • Singleback Wing Flex
  • Singleback Ace


Dubby's multiple approach has enough to keep your opponents guessing for the entire game. This is why he's been able to run this offense to perfection ever since last year.

1h 30m of Video Runtime 27 Play Breakdowns