ZAN's "Attacking 4-3" Defense

ZAN's "Attacking 4-3" Defense

Updated by ZAN
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With the second Title Update to Madden NFL 18, came a major landscape change to the way defense is played. Fortunately, Playbook.GG has your back with the release of the "Attacking 4-3 Defense" by ZAN. This defense never apologizes, as we aim to set the tempo and force our opponents into a max protect offensive approach. Good luck throwing those ever-popular post and corner routes. We aren't giving you time!

With in-depth break downs out of the 4-3 Over, 4-3 Under, and 4-3 Wide 9, ZAN provides you nearly an hour and a half of content that is battle tested against some of the best players in the world. With dedicated chapters to help you defeat popular offensive formations, such at the Singleback Tight Slots and the Shotgun Bunch Wk, we will be able to stay in our base package, attack the offensive line with no apologies; and then drop coverage as we see fit.

This game plan is certain to increase your sack totals, interceptions, and forced fumbles. We'll even go as far as saying that this guide will make you look forward to your defense getting back on the field in Madden 18!

2h 22m of Video Runtime 22 Play Breakdowns